StarPlot Episode 01

Simon returns to find his house has been turned into a museum; he’s been gone longer than he thought, and that he has some explaining to do.

Featuring the voice talents of and starring in order of appearance:

Laura Nicole ( as Mmax 3.0, and CR12

Jeff Musick as Simon Fizzz

RadioU’s Nikki ( as Eleanor Roz

David Avila ( as Argorn

John Bell ( as XG7 pilot

RadioU’s Obadiah ( as Smiley

John Steinklauber ( as Smiley’s shipboard computer

Sound effects by, GarageBand, and Jeff Musick

Music: Hackbeat, Blown Away, Rocket, News of Sorrow, Disconcerned, Long Note 3 by Kevin MacLeod at

Theme tune music by J. Harold Moyer, © 1969 Faith & Life Press/Mennonite Publishing House. Used with permission.

Creative Commons License
StarPlot by Jeff Musick is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at

Sketch for Episode 1
Rough Sketch for Episode 1

2 thoughts on “StarPlot Episode 01”

  1. Finally got in. Am 6:55 into Episode 1 and have no earthly idea what’s going on? Am I lost in space? Is there hope for me?

    1. Hopefully the confusion wears off later on. Adapting an audio drama from a comic book which relies heavily on pictures to tell the story isn’t as easy as I had imagined it might be. It all makes sense to me of course, because I wrote it. Maybe your imagination can fill in the gaps, or perhaps it’s just poorly adapted and terribly written. There are many worse things on the internet, I am certain.

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